Customer Service – A Shower Of S***?

902350I get increasingly annoyed how little care there is with service and customer support in whatever you do and unfortunately I have reason to be annoyed by several reputable companies.

I could mention problems I have had with many companies such as Hillarys Blinds, Abellio Greater Anglia etc but I wanted to draw particular attention to my experience of tackling an issue with ASOS the online clothes retailer.

They used to be a small firm with good customer service but they have grown considerably and it’s clear they cannot cope with demand and their infrastructure is terrible.

I ordered an item on clothing two Sundays ago and was told to expect it within 5 days.

I eventually received confirmation that they had processed the order but this was last Thursday!

As it was being delivered to my office I wanted to change the address as I would not be back in London until the new year.

As is true of many companies now there was no phone number or email address just a faceless web form.

Their site states you can only change details within 15 minutes to an hour of ordering and yet I find it amazing that it takes them a week to process everything.  Why can’t they apply the same amount of speed to their end of the transaction?

I returned the faceless form asking if I could change the address to receive (a day later) the most generic cut and paste email imaginable.  An email that gave me no hope and basically told me tough shit we aren’t going to do anything about it.

I took to Twitter to complain and unsurprisingly found myself followed by @asos_heretohelp. I received a response but a generic patronising one from a bot which must churn out hundreds of these such messages daily.

I did as the Twitter bot asked and responded via DM to explain the situation.

That was last Friday.

I am still waiting for a response.  And I am sure I won’t get one, nor will I receive my item until the new year.

I complained on Twitter again today as I got no further response and I received the same faceless bot message which I have once again responded to and guess what – nothing!

In a world where retail is increasingly happening online and we are moving away from the high street, do retailers think that customers will be happy with such service?  Do businesses believe we don’t have a voice?

Sadly for retail and the economy if this behaviour continues there will be more the a dip in consumer confidence in the high street – this will also hit online.

I for one am fed up with being treated like I don’t matter – I am a customer and I have a voice.  I pay for service and goods and expect a standard for this.

It’s no wonder the UK customer is looking abroad for retail and service – it would seem the UK companies simply haven’t got a clue or couldn’t care less.

This of course is not true of all companies and I find the smaller independent companies are much better at being open, providing customer support and help – I have had many experiences of this – it’s such a shame though that the big guys give everyone a bad reputation.

It may sound like I am angry but to be honest I am not – I am simply tired and fed up of the way consumers/customers are treated and I expect more for my hard-earned money.

Oh and ASOS – As See On Screen?  Nope not anymore – see the title of my post..!

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  1. Interesting you mentioned this, because I just put up a new vlog this morning on my YouTube channel, and the latter part of it is all about customer service. A U.S. drug store chain, CVS, double charged me 16 days ago on something, overdrew by bank account, and it took those 15 days to get that overdraft fee reimbursed. (It was posted this morning in my account. The original order that started all this was 7.Dec.2014. I went through seven different people to get $35US back. Amazing.


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