First time running in snow

And you know what – it was not planned!nterval

It was a very cold morning and there was a lot of frost and ice about so I decided to wait until mid morning to head out to complete some interval training with my #GetMoov coach.

I noticed about 2K in the it was getting grey and as I hit the 4th of 5 intervals the wind picked up and it started to rain – it was not very long before this became a driving force, whipping straight for my face and before you knew it, it had turned to snow.

I slowed after the 4th interval to asses the situation but decided there was not cause for concern as the ground was too wet ampactnd it looked like a snow shower.

I increased the intensity of my trainer and hot the 5th interval with whatever energy I had left and then finished with a short slower pace to get me to 3K.

Reading my results back from GetMoov is encouraging because even with the interval training, slowing my pace mid etc I am getting some good cadence which is something I always strive for.

It’s encouraging that my investment in this wonderful Kickstarter project has paid off – I wasn’t sure I believed the claims of Moov but it really does seem to work – and it keeps me motivated, which above all in winter, is all that really matters 😉

Anyway I seemed to be hitting the ground hard in the last interval and GetMoov has proven this to be the case – I think I simply wanted to get to the end of that session and knowing I had increased the difficulty I was driving my legs too hard on the ground.  I must work on this.

Wrapped up warm but looking very wet
Wrapped up warm but looking very wet

I then headed back to the warmth and comfort of the house.

I was pleased I had taken the initiative to wrap up well and had included a Buff wrapped as a headband to cover my ears, my cap was on top and I wore my bluetooth headphones too – all of which helped me feel comfortable mid run.

Thankfully today I had thought ahead and there was plenty of hot water to warm me back up 🙂

Check out the chilly stats (hottest point today was -1) on Garmin Connect or Strava.

I hope you all like the new look and feel 😉

Remember I am running the British Heart Foundation 10K in Regents Park in March and would be very grateful if you could sponsor me – remember every penny (or cent) counts.  Thank you.


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