A scrappy and cold 5K

I didn’t have a particular target when I went out today as I simply wanted to run.

Whilst out first thing we had some snow flurries and the temperature has remained cold and the roads and pavements wet for the reminder of the day.

As I worked for home I managed to run before it got dark and before the temperature dropped – which I could feel as the sun went down.

planned to change the route from the norm and to run some loops etc to keep me interested – this was a good tactic as I then decided (and moved away from the norm) to ignore the beeps of iSmoothRun and go as long as I could.

I ran 3K ok (2.54 without realising as I didn’t hear the K marker) and then just before 4 I started to tire.  I took a pause and a drink before continuing – convinced I would stop at 4.  I felt OK so then mentally told myself to run home and before I had I had decided to complete 5K.

The run felt a little scrappy as I walked the small segment whilst I was having a drink but I shouldn’t be too hard on myself as that was a minimal part of the run and I got to 5K which wasn’t planned.

I had an appointment today as I have had an annoying cough for months which has hung around since I had a cold around November time.  The cold stopped me running but the cough has not.

As I suspected the cough is due to my asthma which is always worse in the cold weather.  I could feel it was all a bit odd as the cough didn’t come from my stomach or lungs but rather the top of my chest.IMG_0634

I am now back on the inhalers I took a couple years ago and have a higher dosage for a couple of weeks to calm things down.

This has made me more determined to get in more miles and regular runs now as I managed to knock the asthma on the head through running and haven’t really needed an inhaler for months.

I just have to ensure I take note of any changes in my chest and take my time if I need ti – that said I felt fine on my run today despite the cold.

Maybe we should all take a leaf from Tilly’s book and wrap up in something warm and stay indoors!

Check out my run on Strava (I’m not linking to Garmin this time as I am tired of their site constantly having problems).

Remember although I am running for fun I am also trying to raise money for the the British Heart Foundation.  My next race is the BHF 10K in Regents Park in March and I would be very grateful if you could sponsor me – remember every penny (or cent) counts.  Thank you.  (Thanks to to my latest anonymous sponsor).

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