Ice and Intervals

Todays session was a set of intervals set by Moov which were quite tough but I managed to crack through them.

I nearly cracked something else – my legs!  I decided to run through the new park at the top of the road and I have to tell myself to avoid it in the winter.  The path was full of run off water from the grass and this was very icy.  I tried my best to avoid it and I even tried to walk around it but I nearly went ass over tip!

Good session though despite the cold and the ice.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.47.26

Take a look at my session on Strava (and why not add me as a friend whilst you are there!).

Please sponsor me! I am also trying to raise money for the the British Heart Foundation. My next race is the BHF 10K in Regents Park in March and I would be very grateful if you could sponsor me – remember every penny (or cent, francs, euros etc) counts. Thank you.

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