3 for me!

So I have taken another break from running and again this was not planned or really at my control.

Things have gotten sticky at work and it’s caused an awful lot of stress and ultimately this led me to get another cold.

Coupled with how busy I have been and the fact I have not had the time to get out in the day (when it’s warmer), I have simply had to give running a miss for a little while.

This cannot be helped sometimes but it is annoying as I knew throughout this period that the running would have been the perfect destress – but what can you do!

It’s a nice clear morning and we have nothing planned so there was nothing to hold me back today.  Once I was in my running kit and out the door I was ready to go – in fact as I wasn’t waiting for my Garmin or to warm up etc it felt surprising and refreshing to simply hit the road running.

I decided that I would not try to kill myself or overdo it (like I did with my last interval session) but rather to simply have a target distance and head towards that.  As I have not run for a while I decided that a 3K would be good to get me back into things and I headed out.

Importantly I headed out on a route that was one loop so there was no cause for concern or reason to excuse myself (as you know I find loops demoralising but more of that later…).

It was a fresh morning, with a cold breeze but my route had gotten me clear of most of this and apart from a short break at 2K to expel a snot rocket (something I really do not like doing), I think I did very well.  I kept a fairly consistent pace and even though my calves and my right foot were a little sore I got back in good time.

My Withings Scales explain why I may have found it a little tough (apart from not running for a while) as I have managed to put out a kilo in about month – it’s not much but it is extra weight I am carrying around.  I know however that running regularly will bring this back to what it was and I also know my weight isn’t going to balloon as I have a very fast metabolism.

I still have not found any other races to run this year apart from the Tower of London run which is May (the same week we return from Canada – eek!).  Can you suggest any races – 10K or half that I could enter this year in the UK?

I have confirmation now that I am in the BHF Tower of London race and also have confirmation that the race is made up of as many loops of the Tower Moat as you feel comfortable with – up to 10K!  This race ethic feels very relaxed and not like something I have run before so I am not really sure what to make of it.

I am not really sure what to make of many laps either – how many times will I need to go around the Tower of London to reach 10K?  Will boredom defeat me?

Whatever the case will be, it will be a unique race – how many others can say they have run such an iconic route?  (Mental note – I need to take a walk down there one lunch break just to check out the terrain!).

Sponsorship for the British Heart Foundation continues to rise but I am still a bit off my target – almost there but not quite.  Why not sponsor me and make a difference to those suffering with heart conditions?

Check out todays run details on Strava.

Thanks for your comment!

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