Runner or David Bailey?

Following Fridays run I expected today to be a little tough and had planned a run out of the development, up the hill past Colchester Golf Club and back again.

The weather was also going to be against me as although sunny, gale force winds were the order of the day.

I decided I would take my Polaroid Cube today to ensure that I took some shots and got to a place where I had a bit of a view to pause and snap away.

This was a good plan and although I did manage to take some photos I did get distracted by that rather than focussing on the running.  That said it was probably a good thing as I tried to get some action shots of my run.

I have been quite jealous of those who have great shots of themselves out running and I have never thought to stop and position the camera somewhere to capture myself mid motion.

Polaroid CUBE

I tried today by attaching the camera to a metal fence and lamppost (it has a strong magnet on the bottom) with mixed results.

I certainly need more practice and faith that my camera is safe where I leave it – I am sure with I will get there!  This is where I paused at the top of the hill – it overlooks the fields at the back of where I live and you can see Colchester in the distance.

Polaroid CUBEI have not used the Cube for a while and forgot the button combinations so only managed to record one video!  Never  mind though as this took my mind of the wind etc and had me running some laps up and down the road which pushed me to 4.2Km – not bad considering I was struggling around 2Km last week!

I’m am quite happy with todays run as the Cube gave me something else to focus on and apart from a pause to catch my breath in the wind I think I did OK today.

As you can see Tilly had to check out the camera when I got back!  Little minx.

Polaroid CUBE

Check out the stats on Strava.

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