A change of scenery

Lovely view ruined by some gurning fool

I decided I needed a change of scenery as my runs were feeling a bit stale.

I managed to schedule in a lunch run today and thought of keeping it flat was around 5K

I didn’t initially want to run to Westminster Bridge as it is usually teeming with tourists but mid run I thought I might as well go for it.

It was chilly but sunny along the Thames and although there were tour groups, there were not many and those who were out were behaving.

I got to Westminster bridge which saw me pass 2k and I realised I was going to fast from the start once again.

I paused to compose myself and to take a couple of photos (forgot to pick up my Polaroid Cube this morning!).

I then headed back along the river towards the office and onto the rover opposite the Globe Theatre, under the Millenihm Bridge.

I had another brief pause as my legs were really sore but for the most I managed to pace myself somewhat. I need to get back into the habit of doing this.

On the final stretch there were some fresh runners joining the south bank from St Paul’s. I used them to pace myself and realised there was still some juice on the tank.

I need to focus my mind and get back into pacing my runs again. Once I’ve cracked this I’ll be fine.

Having looked at the stats I shouldn’t be to hard on myself as this 5K was one of my fastest in a while.  I just need to believe in myself and keep going now.

You can take a look at my route along the Thames on Strava.   (And yes I am more than aware of how lucky I am to be able to run such an iconic route. It certainly made a nice change).

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