Well it seems that I have found my bounce again. Or rather the coaching from my Get Moov coach is doing the trick.

I decided to use it today to see how I could improve my pacing and set the device to Speed Endurance.

IMG_1229This was the right thing to do as very quickly it became apparent how and what I have been doing wrong.

I was keeping a good pace but was not maintaining it for a prolonged period – within each 800m section I was reminded to run straight, to and my feet under myself and not to slouch.  I am not sure how the coach knows this but paying attention to the instructions really does work and I was soon hitting all the targets.

I was due to run three sets of 800m and the third section was harder than the rest.  I kept with my promise to myself to always run 5K so added another 800m section for good measure.

After this I set about running until I tripped over the 5k mark – I actually stopped around 5.5k today and feel really positive.

I had to take my headphones to listen to the coach so decided to add some music which did seem to motivate me.

Kelis’ Bounce! was a particular hit at the end of the run but I have to admit there was not way I was going to keep up with the beat all the way to the end of the track!

This was our disappointing view of the eclipse :(
This was our disappointing view of the eclipse 😦

Today was the day of the partial solar eclipse and this morning we didn’t get to see it as it was very cloudy.  It was actually quite cold too which was a disappointment.  This afternoon though the weather has changed and it was bright blue skies and warming sun.  I did wear two layers on top and bottom but this was the first run in ages (well if I don’t include the London run Wednesday as I wore the same thing!), where I have not needed my winter running jacket.

London was a lunch time run so this was definitely the warmest, sunniest afternoon/evening running I have done this year.  Looks like spring is finally on the way.

You may notice I have changed the look and feel of the blog again.  I liked the last theme but it seemed to take forever to load all of the scripting etc so I decided to go for a more traditional look and feel.  Let me know what you think of the new format in the comments.

A good run and a great way to set myself up for the weekend (there will be a run on Sunday).  Take a look at my stats on Strava.

I am running the British Heart Foundation Tower of London 10K in May, it would be great if you would be able to sponsor me.  I would really appreciate all the help I can to raise money for such a wonderful cause.  Thank you.

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