You know life is an impossible scheme and love an imperceptible dream…*

I not only took a post run selfie outside but I did my strechess out in the garden too :)
I not only took a post run selfie outside but I did my stretches in the garden too 🙂

Today was nice – a good run and nice weather.  Simple as that.

Thankfully my Moov coach behaved itself today and I managed to complete four interval sessions of speed endurance.

I ran three at the same level and then decided to turn it up for the final interval.  I also decided to mix up the route today, running a random pattern around my usual roads near home.  This ensured I did not know when I would reach my 5K target and it also added in some extra hills (I know, am I mad or what!).

It was lovely today.  Minimum breeze and lovely and sunny.  Somehow though I doubt this will be the case during Sundays run as a low pressure system is coming over bringing showers and gales..

I found the first interval tough and my legs were not playing ball but I got past that and simply cracked on with the intervals  I didn’t hit the target pace all the way through the intervals but was consistent enough to complete them all as planned.

The weird post title was one of the tracks playing during my run.  I have not heard it in ages but it helped me complete my final stretch to 5K today.  *I’ll think of a prize if someone can tell me (in the comments), where this is from (no Googling now!)

Check out the stats for the run on Strava.



      1. There is a song “maybe next time”. Now you tell me who sings that. Have a great weekend.


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