Todays run was very exhilarating but boarding on madness. IMG_1301

It’s honestly blowing a gale and chucking it down but I cannot complain as today is also Colchester Half Marathon and lots of poor souls were out running 21K in this today!

I completed three speed endurance sessions – two at my normal level and one 3 levels higher (in the middle).

Mid way through I was honestly knocked off my feet by the wind – in fact I was hit with such force, all my bluetooth devices stopped working!

I decided that three intervals was enough but to complete at least 4K.  I did and managed to push further adding in two sprint intervals too (just to really finish myself off!)

It was hard work but exhilarating and fun.  I do enjoy running in the rain but today was one of the wettest runs I think I have completed (and that includes the Adnams Southwold 10K in November!).

Well done to all those who completed the Colchester Half Marathon and to those whom I know ran the Berlin Half Marathon today.

Check out my stats on Strava.

2 thoughts on “Exhilarating madness

  1. I didn’t realise how much I like those wild and windy runs until I saw this morning’s weather – lots of fun and you get that special ‘I’m so hardcore’ feeling when you finish. 😉

    1. Indeed. It was tough and at one point I wanted to stop but kept going and felt stronger for doing so. It was mental out there but I did enjoy it.

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