I’m Nasty*

What a lovely day for a run

What a great run!  I have had such a good day – and 6K too.  And 5K of that was continuous.  And there was a good pace.  And the weather was good…. 🙂

I met Paul yesterday and in amongst all the problems trying to reconfigure our evening plans due to the fire in Holborn, we got talking about running as we normally do.  I found myself stating that I wanted to build my distance and worrying about getting there, convincing myself that my speed endurance training wasn’t working.

Paul was too polite to tell me to shut up and get on with it and I realised that today as I was going to message him today to ask if I was too negative about my running etc but decided there was no need.

There defiantly was no need.  There was a simple plan today – run 6K!

The weather was cool.  There was no breeze and the sun was shining.

My normal route has been disrupted as part of the road is closed where they are building a school so I decided hit the road and run into Colchester.  My original plan was to run 3K down part of the Avenue of Remembrance and then run back the same route.

I decided that things were going well that I carried on past 3K and turned around but instead of running the same route as I came to 4K I decided I would take it off-road!

We’ve had some rain this week but the farm trail looked fairly solid underfoot and apart from dodging a few startled rabbits at the beginning it was very enjoyable.  I didn’t have countryside peace as I ran with my headphones however it was lovely and sunny, the hedges and the grass had been trimmed for the spring so it was a very scenic route.  There were no farm animals out and about either so I had the run to myself.

5 minutes from the house (or 3K!)

4K came and went quickly so I decided then to push to 5K and take a few snaps once I reached the top of the farm opposite the house.  I did this and managed a farm selfie too.

After I got all my apps working again I headed into the meadow where I complete a small loop of the woods before running back into Braiswick.  It wasn’t long before I had reached my 6K target and finished my run with a huge smile on my face and great feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

I have spent so long worrying about not being able to run continuously that t has had a psychological effect on my running.

Today my pace was fairly consistent, I didn’t feel any discomfort and I simply enjoyed myself.

I think the music motivated me somewhat today so I will plan my next couple of runs along the same routine and then start to ween myself off the music again as I know I don’t need it to keep this pace.

Moov has done wonders to get muscle and memory back into my legs and the speed endurance sessions have obviously paid off.  Unfortunately the free run session today didn’t save in the Moov app due to another glitch but thankfully iSmoothRun was there to record everything for me.

It’s a long four day weekend here in the UK for Easter so I have plenty of opportunity to get out for more runs 🙂

Oh to the guy who hollered something at me mid run – I couldn’t hear you, you were driving to fast, I was running in the opposite direction and I had headphones on!  No doubt it was probably abuse anyway!

I did run past a young chap running in the opposite direction – typically he acknowledged me and said hello.  The same cannot be said for the muscle Mary who lives up the road from me.   I also past him mid run but he chose to ignore me – he has to be the first runner I have ever encountered to be rude.

I am happier now that I can build on todays performance and get myself up to the 10K I need for the British Heart Foundation Tower of London run in May (sponsorship is very welcome … I’m not trying to raise a huge amount but anything you can give will help 😄  )

Taken from the inspiration of the final running track of the day.  Arman van  Helden’s remix of Got ’til it’s Gone

Check out the running stats and route here.


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