Number of runners increases in the UK…

This article from Sky News is encouraging and it really does prove running is a sport anyone can participate in.

The number of people pulling on their trainers and heading out for a run rose by 67% over the past eight years.

Almost 2.1 million people are now regular runners.

“Running is also a way of getting fit for other sports.”

The soaring popularity of the free 5km weekly parkrun events is further proof of how the activity is taking off.

Five years ago, about 4,000 people would take part each Saturday.

Now that number has grown to more than 60,000 with new events starting up most weeks.

I think this is a brilliant article as it highlights the benefit of physical activity, proves you can fit running in around your schedule and embeds the message that running really is a sport for all… What’s your excuse not to run?

Head over to Sky News to find out more.

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