IMG_1419It was supposed to be the smoggiest day of the year and we were warned about training in London but I wanted to get out and about so I did.

I decided it it was too much I would simply go back but it felt no worse than normal and the sun was shining so I made the effort.

This was my first run of the year in shorts and t shirt as it was quite warm.  Makes a nice change from my evening runs but I guess lunchtime runs in London will be warmer for a while 😉

Unexpectedly I has a very brief shower of rain at the start but that cleared and the weather broke again.

The streets were busy with Easter week tourists but it was not as busy as I have seen it before.

My pace was quite quick at the beginning and it remained so – I tried to pace myself through the run as I did not want to over do.

I have taken some video and photos with my Polaroid Cube but will upload those at some other time when I am home.

Maybe I was more focused on the videos than my pace which meant I worried less – I am not sure.

What I do know is that it felt as tough as my last run but Strava is report this to be a run of PBs for me. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.12.03It also means I have secured my there runs this week as I plan to head out again on Sunday.

Check out all the details on Strava.

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