Running trails - impressive huh!
Running trails – impressive huh!

Today started bright and sunny with a bit of a breeze.  Perfect for a run and I was just in the right mood for it too.

The plan was to run 7K and to simply enjoy myself and you know what?  That is exactly what I did.

I took my camera so did the same thing I did in London during the week, snapping as I went, taking some pictures and some video (not so many so as not to make you feel queasy!) so that you get to see the beautiful countryside I get to run around here in Essex.

The run was good fun and although I found that start al little heavy in my legs I soon found a rhythm and went for it.

Ok I was running into the sun - sorry I had my eyes closed!
Ok I was running into the sun – sorry I had my eyes closed!

I ran faster than I have done of my previous runs in  Colchester but kept a consistent pace without the need for the electronic coach or music.

I am really pleased with my form and feel that I can get to the 10K I need in three weeks for the Tower of London run (please sponsor me).  I am not sure how much running I will complete when I am in Canada but I am sure I will get plenty of exercise.

It was a lovely route that took me to the end of Avenue of Remembrance and back into the meadow and through the wood.


I achieved all of the run today without any looping (except when I wanted to rest the camera to snap myself mid run for the blog!).

I saw a few cyclists ash some runners out today – even one guy running with his spaniel.  I am sure he would tire out before the dog does!  As every everyone was friendly and said hello (no pre madonna muscle Marys on this run!).

I really enjoyed today (have I said that already) and am glad I got out to enjoy this beautiful weather and take in the scenery 🙂

You can see all the tech stuff over on Strava.

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