The Garmin took so long to find a signal it tried to switch off!

IMG_1474Seriously I wish I was joking but I am not.

I was all ready to run but hung around just over 4 minutes for the Garmin watch to find a signal.  I gave up waiting and started to run.  8 minutes later my Garmin caught up with me!

Thankfully iSmoothRun and my iPhone do not have such problems so I just started my run with them and managed to clock up 5K in the cold spring wind (yes the weather has turned again).

I planned to run last night but major train problems meant it took a couple hours to get home so I did not hat the time (or the will), but the time I got home.

Today was a day of wrapping things up at work and apart from some problems with the network and my work laptop I managed to achieve all I wanted to from home today.

My run started slowly and it seemed to carry on as such for ages – in fact around 3K I really felt like my legs were going to cave in as they felt like lead and I found it hard going.

I paused for a walk segment at 3K and a quick drink before starting again.  I got to 4K and then preserved to 5K but found it tough today.

I have no idea why today was quite so tough but as we all know not all runs are good ones!

So this is my last run in Colchester for a bit and I plan (or hope) to run at least once when we arrive in Vancouver.  I am not sure about the second leg of our journey though as things will be much more rural and rugged – I will see how things fair when we get to Vancouver Island!

On today’s performance I am not sure how I will cope with the Tower of London 10K for the British Heart Foundation which is right after my holiday – maybe the trip will be the perfect break I need to get me in the mood to sprint around the Tower Moat (yeah right!)

I am so close to my fundraising target and would be very very grateful if you could see your way to sponsor me… Go on, I won’t ask again I promise!

Check out all my stats on Strava.


  1. Enjoy Canada, it is an amazing place. I wish the big U.S. Of A. Would stop giving it such poor PR. Hoping you have many happy runs and above all an amazing time. R


      1. I kind of agree. However NYC is still one of the best, but then that’s not the. USA if you ask a true New Yorker. Ivan


  2. yep.. enjoy canada – worry about the race when you get back – have a brilliant time.
    as to the garmin i put my 310 xt out well before i am ready to go… that way i am not annoyed anymore with the garmin taking forever to find a signal…


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