Beautiful British Columbia


I could say so much about our trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island but it would take as long to write as it would to experience it.

Long Beach

I cannot fault this holiday, Canada is such a beautiful and friendly place.  We have experienced so much during the past two weeks and I will never forget the whale watching, the bald eagles, the sea lions, the lazy sea otters at Vancouver Aquarium.

The Steeler Jay who tried to take our biscuits.

The hippy culture of the pro weed festival.

Watching the Pacific Ocean from the beach, from the log cabin and whilst chilling in the hot tub.

The wonderfully inspiration and challenging runs in Vancouver along the harbour and across the mixed terrain of Tofino and MacKenzie Beach.


If you live in Canada, you really do not know how lucky you are.

If you have never visited then you really should – don’t plan a trip to the USA, pick Canada instead and especially the West Coast – you cannot go wrong.

Here are some more photographs from our expedition:


McKenzie Beach, Vancouver Island. Canada

Stanley Park and the Lion Gate Bridge

Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet

Ironically we missed the Vancouver Run in the Sun which happened the day we arrived.  We also missed the Vancouver Marathon although oddly we ended up at the Vancouver Convention Centre on the last day where all the runners were getting their race kit etc.  I made sure I got myself a commemorative tee shirt!

Good luck to all of those who ran in the Van City Marathon!

And yes, I won’t lie – I am going to miss the hot tub (as I am sure Richard will to!)

I am going to miss the hot tub!

You can see more of our photo’s (no more from the hot tub I promise) on Flickr.


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