1.08.02 Tower of London Moat 10K


It was much colder and windier than it looks
After much sceptiscm and doubt I did complete the British Heart Foundation Tower of London Moat 10K today. 

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I cracked my target and am really pleased to have done so. 

The weather has been very blustery here so parts of the run were running into really strong head wind. 

It’s also showered a lot today and during the race which made it very soft, slippery and muddy in places. 


The dreaded start line
The course has you run around three sides of the Tower of London on the mainly grass and gravel moat. 

It was 10 long laps and I measured it to be over 10k on both of my devices but I guess it depends what racing line you follow. 

Loads of people took part and it’s a new experience for me as you can complete 5 or 10K and walk, jog or run. It’s a great way for those of all abilities raising money for the BHF to do so. 

At first dodging walkers and groups of them chatting was annoying but I soon got over it. I didn’t however get over the Barclays Bank team who seemed hell bent on pushing their way through the course. 

I spotted on guy in jeans walking the course, checking grindr as he went!

Anyway I am dead pleased with my time as I have still not gotten over the jet lag. I nearly opted for the 5k option but decided I could probably do the 10k and could take my time. 


The dreaded loops
I simply kept going and once I got past the half way mark the kms dropped away. In fact when I got to 8.5 I had to pinch myself that there was just over 1.5 to go. 

I don’t enjoy running loops, especially ones where you run back on yourself every half a km but to be honest I got my head down and got on with it. 

I ran the whole course and felt I kept a consistent pace throughout. I had some pain I my toes and shoulders but that’s cause of the terrain and my lack of running this distance for a while. Although I have gotten close to it. 

I must say a quick hi to Chris who I met from The Running Bug. He beat his expected time too. 😃 

I do think I need to retire my Hoka shoes though which is a shame but I felt the ground through the expansive soles today which was not good. 

I have however won a pair of Brooks Ghost G7’s which are a neutral show. I shall start back with low mileage to see how I get on with them.  

My new special edition Brooks Ghosts G7s

A great run. A fun atmosphere and a course only a fraction of people will ever be able to enter (the moat is closed to the public at all other times). 

I cannot fault the organisation of the BHF as usual and am proud to have raised valuable funds for them with your help.  

And of course I had fun getting muddy and sweaty in the process!

Check out the mesmerising route on Strava

If you would still to sponsor me please do via my Just Giving page. Thanks. 

One happy bunny


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