What goes on inside my head during a race…

As remembered from yesterday’s 10K race at the Tower of London:

Ok this race is different. I can run. I can jog. I can walk. And I can do 5 or 10K. Hmm. 
10. Let’s do then. I can always decide to stop at 5 if I feel too tired. 

1K down that was ok. But these loops may get boring. 9 to go. 

2K this is good. Usually have a bit of pins and needles around now, let’s just carry on to 3 and see how it goes. 

3K. Cool. That’s out the way. Let’s just keep going to 5 and see what’s what. I can walk later. 

4K. Nearly at 5. Time to make the decision. What’s my speed?  Will I beat my 5K time? No. Might was well carry on. 

5K. Yay half way. Damn rain. 

Oops nearly lost a shoe in the mud. 

6K. 4 to go. 8 is usually my Achilles. Again I can slow down later. 

7.5K that went by fast. 2.5 k left. But slower here but I’m not waking or stopping. 

8.5K. Only 1.5K left how did that go by so quickly? I can’t believe it. I’m nearly done. This is great. 

Hang on the course means in running more distance than I should. Looks like it’s going to be a 10.2K. Damn.  Oh well!

9K. Yes 1 to go. You can do it. 

9.3K I am going to regret this tomorrow. Maybe walk when I get to 10?

10K the distance is officially done. Now to run the extra bit to finish. 

10.2K. 1.08.02. Wow. That’s much better than I expected and in these conditions really good. 

I can breath and walk cool.  

Oh a medal. Thanks

Time for a quick selfie and change. 

(Completely forgets to stretch!)

Done. Phew!  

When’s the next one?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks like his mid race!  At least the overall mental attitude was positive 😃 

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