Breaking in new shoes #runhappy

Good post run smile - as it says Run Happy
Good post run smile – as it says Run Happy

This was my first run out since the race on Wednesday and I am breaking in a new pair of Brooks Ghosts 7’s which I won whilst I was away.

I entered a competition on Twitter and simply added a hashtag to one of my running selfies and I won – how cool is that? 🙂

This prize came at the right time as my Hoka’s have had a battering and were certainly feeling worse for wear during the race.

I know it’s best to switch between old and new shoes over a couple of weeks but that is not an option as the Hokas are in the bin.  I could always go back to my Nike Flyknits but for now I am going to perceiver with with Brooks to see how I go.

The Brooks are a neutral shoe which I don’t usually have but I cannot complain as I won them!  I planned to take it easy and do a short run to see how they feel.

I immediately noticed a difference as there was such a large outsole on the Hokas.  There is enough padding on the Brooks and the grip is very good, I simply noticed that I can feel a bit more below my feet which means they are possibly more responsive.  There is a good amount of grip under the toes which I have not seen before in any shoe I have had – it helps with uphill and the positioning of my feet.

At 1K I felt ok but nearing 2 it was a different story and my calves were tight.  As it was my legs that were sore and not my feet I don’t think this is 100% to do with the shoes and more to do with the race.

Oh and I dug up the garden yesterday and replanted it so I am in no doubt paying for that too!

My hard work in the garden
My hard work in the garden

Anyway I got to just over 3K (well at 3K I decided to continue for a bit) and felt alright.  A little tired and a bit sore but nothing major.

The acid test will be when I run 5K as I know when I used to get some numbness in old shoes.

My funky phone boxes!

The shoes are light and there feels like there is a lot of space in them – but not to much.  This is refreshing as they are a size 9 (and not a 9.5 or a 10 which is what I generally end up buying), which means this is a good fit.  I also wore new socks today (I know glutton for punishment) and everything seemed to stay in place.

I am not sure the design is to everyone’s taste as they are a special edition to mark the London Marathon so they are covered in red telephone boxes 🙂

So a good run and a nice one for my first one back in Colchester as the weather was lovely so I only went out in shorts and a tee – no need for layers today 🙂

Of course I didn’t have a watch to track me so I solely  had to rely on iSmoothRun today which did a good job.

During the race on Wednesday I felt my right foot slip on the second to last lap and I was concerned my soles had gone.  Turns out it wasn’t the Hokas and even though my shoes were tied as tight as I normally wear them my Asics socks simply slipped.  It made the final kilometre a bit uncomfortable.

Whilst out at lunch last week I popped into a sports shop in the City and got myself a pair of Hilly Lite Ultra lightweight Running Socks (Ur).

I tried these today too and they were very comfy.  They are light, slightly cushioned and have a good amount of grip.  It shall remain to see how long they last but first impressions are very good.

Brooks also included a t shirt with the shoes so I was sporting their #RunHappy slogan today.  Quite a day of firsts!

Anyway it’s been a good run and I probably will go out again Wednesday.  Have a bit of a busy week and we have guests next weekend so it will be a quiet running week I think.

Look out from some video updates from our recent trip to Canada 🙂

The stats from today’s run are available on Strava 🙂

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