Strong 5K (no thanks to @sweatshoponline )

IMG_2262Managed to fit in a run tonight as my plans changed and I feel I did really well.

Considering it was only my second run in my new Brooks I kept going and completed a strong 5K.

I was probably fuelled by some pent up anger caused by Sweatshop.

As you know I ordered myself a new Tom Tom Runner Cardio watch and was pleased to hear it had been delivered to the office yesterday (I was off site yesterday).

I opened the parcel today to find the watch had been opened previously and all the packaging was all over the place. It was obvious the watch was a return and I was sure I was not going to part with that much money for something someone else had opened and used.

So after some trouble finding a number (you only get sent one when you complain online and they send a phone number in the email if you want to contact them urgently…)… I eventually got through to someone who told me to send it back and explain I would like it exchanged for a new one (funny I thought I was buying a new one).

Sweatshop would refund the postage too…

This is all well and good but it probably means I will not get my replacement (if I get my replacement, my faith in Sweatshop is minimal at present) until next week now.

This really is a poor show on their behalf 0 it even took most of the day for them to pick up on my moan about them on Twitter.

When I spend this much money I at the very least expect a brand new unit from the manufacturer – not something that’s been discarded or tested by someone else!

Anyway I hope to bring you and update and a review with the watch soon!

That said it was a good run today and although it was very blustery in places I did enjoy the conditions. It was sunny and warm which made for a pleasant run. Plus the roadworks have gone so I am back to running my normal route.

I tracked todays run with iSmoothRun and am pleased with the efforts today. Check out the stats on Strava.


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