Testing Toms

IMG_2360I have not been for a run for over a week now and this is due to work, lack of free time and feeling a little run down.  The latter being the main reason.

I have finished some medication recently which left my throat so sore that it was hard to swallow.  That and I had a number of ulcers in my mouth and it felt like someone had cut my tongue with a razor.

Now my throat is feeling better and I am sure the ulcers are clearing but I still struggle to breath and talk for a while without needing a drink so this has put me off running.

I wanted to get out today though as I have been working from home and sat down all day so I set myself three targets:

1)  Go for a 3K run – if I can handle it good.  If I can’t it’s no big deal at least I haven’t pushed myself too far or too hard.

2)  Post some birthday cards (Happy Birthday Rob and Dave!).  The post box is about 1.2 km away so that’s my first target

3)  Test the Tom Tom.

I am pleased to say I managed to achieve all of these.

(1)  I ran well and I ran with a good pace.  I did stop to (2) post the letter and I also stopped for a walk a bit further in as my mouth was quite dry and scratchy but it didn’t stop the rest of me from running.

I did learn that running following a Ginsters pasty is not a great idea though as I nearly brought that back up at the start of the 3rd km.  Mind you a Ginsters pasty can come back up at any time 😦

(3) Yesterday I wore the Tom Tom all day at a major event in the Excel Centre in London and it was comfy.  It wasn’t heavy and even though it was snug on my wrist it was not tight.

I did wear a slim fit shirt which meant I had to unbutton the cuff by let’s be honest, how often do you run in a long sleeve tailored shirt?

When my train arrived I decided to test the watch on the walk back and was very pleased that the sat nav found a signal almost instantly.

The Tom Tom works with your phone to update itself on your location which means when you want to run it already has some idea of where you are which supposedly speeds up the tracking to the satellite.  Last night this seemed to work.

I have not worn the watch today and it’s be two floors away from my phone so I am not sure how in sync they were.

When I started my run today it instantly found my heart rate but it took a good 3 minutes to find a gps signal – not so great.  I am not sure if this is cause it does not know the area or whether it was out of sync with my phone but it is a bit of a pain.  Then again it still found a signal in a fraction of the time of my Garmin!

Maybe our house and the trees across the road really do make a difference?

IMG_2350I noticed on the walk yesterday that the watch does not vibrate or buzz when I reach  km which I am used to.  I also noted that it does not show the distance run in the main section of the screen (there are three sets of detail on the screen but you can only set the top two – the main one you have to scroll through mid run).

The Tom Tom forums suggested that I set a lap run to solve this and it kind of worked.

I started the run on the watch and whilst it was finding the signals set the training to laps.  For some reason I thought the number you put in was the total distance you wanted to run (assuming the watch automatically set a lap at every km).  Of course this isn’t the case.

I was disappointed at 1 km that there was no beep or buzz only to be greeted by one at 3 km!

I could indeed scroll through a couple screens to see the total distance in the lap training so this does work.

The watch is quite configurable and there (obviously) is a bit for me to get used to but I like it.

It’s nice to know that I am tracking all my usual running stats but also my heart rate as standard – without any need to put on a chest strap etc.  It really is simple to use.

Something else I noticed was that there is no race data to view on the watch.  I believe many hours of physical data can be stored on the watch but I haven’t seen a way to read it on the device.  This isn’t a major problem though as it’s all instantly viewable via my iPhone or the web.

Having a watch that does not require a USB cable and a computer to sync is such a bonus 🙂

The strap in the watch is soft and there are lots of holes to find a nice fit.  There’s also a grip at the end of the strap so you can lock it in place to stop it flapping about mid run.

So far I am happy with the Tom Tom Cardio Runner watch, I will keep using it though and let you know how I progress…

So all in all not a bad run.  I achieved three targets (!), I brought some joy to some friends (by way of posting their birthday cards) and I didn’t keel over!

Blue - Pace.  Red - Heart Rate.  Grey - Elevation.
Blue – Pace. Red – Heart Rate.

Bring on the next run!

Check out all of the stats at Strava 🙂

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice I have shaved off my beard 😄  It was fun whilst it lasted but I have reasons for removing it so I took the time to have a proper shave this morning to remove it 🙂

Before and After
Before and after

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