It’s a typical bank holiday weekend here (well not that typical as it is not r a i n i n g), but the weather took it’s time to make up it’s mind (and I think it may still be deciding).

Anyway we decided to have a quiet morning and this afternoon Richard left to play a round of golf.

As it was dry and warm I decided to mow the lawn and then lay some lawn food etc to see if we can bring some life back into our little oasis.

After this I had to do the obligatory hoover as even having two doors closed still means some grass clippings get in.  That and Tilly is malting like crazy and it’s difficult to see white hair on the carpet!

So I did all that then decided to try for another run.  I don’t normally run two days in a row but I thought that the hell!

I wanted to run 5K but knew yesterday was a little tough.  I am feeling even better than yesterday so thought I would chance it.

The  first 3K were ok – I got a good pace going and even though the end of the 3K was a little tough I did run the lot without a break.

From 3 – 4 K was difficult and I am not sure why  My legs were a little tired and I had to catch my breath so and I wondered f I would complete the 5K…

Typically though I got to 4K and could not bring myself to stop so I continued on with a clear determination to reach 5K.

This obviously worked as the last km felt like the best of todays run.

I was tired when I got back though and I am well aware I have had more than enough exercise for one day!

IMG_2369I set up the Tom Tom today so that each lap was 1 KM and it seemed to work well – the watch found  signal almost instantly today (and I set it off indoors).  I am getting used to the display and setting what I want to see as I head off so that seems to be sorting itself.  The notification for each km were audible and the vibrate is strong enough to get your attention.  As you pass each marker the target distance (1KM) and the average pace for the lap is displayed which is a nice clear way of getting your attention so you can remember it the next time you complete a lap.

A nice run after all, a good stretch in the garden in the sun and a nice brief walk through the wood next to the house to snap the spring flowers.  Lovely 🙂

Check out all the details on Strava.

Quick question for you – do you pay for premium functions on Strava or RunKeeper?  If so why?  What do you find particularly useful?  Le time know in the comments.  Thanks.

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Written by Keith

I am from the UK and live in the East of England. I have a keen interest in history, art, social media, marketing, photography (in all forms), and men! I am a keen runner and an alumnus of the British Academy of Photography. I've been lucky enough to have several photographs published in various publications and exhibitions around the world. I work in the City of London, love to travel, and I am always learning new things. Support my work by buying me a coffee


  1. Sounds like a great start to the Bank Holiday Weekend! 🙂
    I don’t pay for the premium functions of Strava or Runkeeper. I do use Garmin Connect (free) and Training Peaks (paid) though – Training Peaks is good for planning your training as it projects and tracks fatigue as well as fitness levels, which I’ve found really useful as I’ve had a tendency to over train in the past. 😉

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    1. Excellent. Thanks for the top. My new watch exports to Tom Tom, Strava, Nike and RunKeeper so Garmin is now off my list of sites. I wonder if I’ll use Training Peaks. I’ll take a look thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

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