It’s not a smoothie without the banana!

Fearless and shorn - summer must be here!
Fearless and shorn – summer must be here!

The title of today’s blog came from a statement I made to Tilly when I was preparing my post run smoothie.  I have blended fresh strawberries, frozen raspberries, Greek yogurt and Clementine juice only to realise I had forgotten the banana!  Hence “It’s not a smoothie without the banana” was born!  (It’s been a long day).

And that is pretty much the theme, it has been a long odd, tiring day today.

The weather in London was sunny and bright (although not terribly warm), however by the time I got home to Colchester it was overcast and really muggy.  (Check out my main photo of St Paul’s which I took at lunch as proof of the weather in London today).

I slept on the train coming back and felt really tired but decided to go for a run anyway.

I wanted to run the hill loop I usually do to get me to 5K but started with a slight detour around the block as some bloke was walking past the house when I locked up to start my run.  My paranoia kicked in so I ran back to check the house was ok – it was so I carried on.

I managed a good portion of the run, in fact all the way to the top of the huge hill near us before I slowed on the turn around to catch my breath and a drink.

Meet my new stretching coach
Meet my new stretching coach

I then decided to motor on back (well it was downhill all the way) and keep going until I reached my target.

It was windy and I was running into the wind but at 3 – 5 K I found a new burst of energy and managed to run at the same pace I did when I started tonights run.

I arrived home sore and sweaty but accelerated by the speed and energy I dug out to g et me around in good time.

This is why I love running, sometimes it can surprise you and it can make even the crappest day seem much better.

Whilst in the garden doing my exercises this evening I was being watched by Tilly (who was really only there to watch the pigeons!).  I am sure she could help me with my stretches if she really wanted to 🙂

Check out the stats on Strava.


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