Another 5K but no ordinary day…

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 17.50.56I know I ran yesterday but I have been at home all day.  Working in the study (which is the coldest room in the house) and the weather has been lovely.

As I have had such a sedate day (physically) I decided I would go for another run to enjoy the lovely weather.

I am glad I did as I had a busy day and accomplished a lot – I accomplished even more by completing today’s 5K.

Ironically it was the same distance as yesterday but with less elevation and yet I was slightly slower.  That probably has more to do with running two days in a row than anything else.

Check out todays run stats on Strava.

So what makes today not ordinary?  Well today is my running anniversary!

Three years ago I decided to start running and I could never have imagined where this would have led me.  I cannot tell you why I started, something just lit the flame in my mind and thanks to the Get Running app it proved to me that I could run at least 5K.  In fact I now average over 5K per run and have run a half marathon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 17.53.15

In three years I have:

Who says running is a boring activity?

As well as the boost to my health and mental well being, running has given me more things to write about and a new direction for

It has also created a huge following and support from all of you guys and for that I am always very grateful.

Here’s to many many more years pounding the streets, fields, beaches and trails!

Thanks for your comment!

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