Never a dull moment

There honestly is never a dull moment living with Tilly.  She really is a little live wire.

Case in point, I was working from home yesterday and she kept sneaking onto the side in the utility room as the current fascination is the sink and the tap.

She was giving me kitten eyes to turn the tap on so she could investigate and this is what happened:

Trouble is this is cute but it starts to breed this monster.

Later in the day I did not know she was on the counter but herd a noise, only to find she had worked out how to nudge the tap to get some drips of water out of it!

This is cute and show’s she is  very clever (she cocks here head as she works things out which is adorable).  But we have to be careful.  As this is the utility room it is a place where we clean things up and sometimes leave things soaking which is what I am afraid of as she has no quams about leaning into the sink to drink.

Tilly does have a water bowl besides her food but at present this is the object of desire.

Richard and I will just have to be mindful of what we are doing in there.  We cannot close the door as this is where her tray is so it’s part of her open domain in the house.

Anyway I cannot knock her as she is only doing what cats do.  It does feel like she is chanelling one of our old cats, Jerry.  He used to like sitting in the bath and drinking from the tap!

How can we be mad at something so cute?



BTW the featured photo was edited using Pixelmator for iOS.  I really am impressed with the level of editing ability in an iOS app – if you don”t have an image editing app on your iPhone or iPad you should get this (and it’s universal so will work on both and syncs your creations via iCloud which is really handy).


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