A Night with Bright Light Bright Light @brightlightx2

I have been going on about BLBL’s music for ages now and have been a fan for a couple of years.

I managed a chance encounter with him in a bar in London a couple of years ago but sadly never managed to see him perform live.

This is not for want of trying as I have had tickets for 3 shows so far and have been stopped from attending by back problems, flu and the trains!

Thankfully it was a case of 4th time lucky as I finally got to see Rod perform live at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London last night.

Paul and I had a lovely evening which culminated in Rod having an absolute blast.  He stated that last nights gig was his best ever and he was very humbled by the love we shared last night.

BLBL put on an excellent show full of tracks from his albums and EPs – this he did with lost of energy and charisma.

I am not sure I would have wanted to have been the poor cymbal he was thrashing last night but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Rod even managed to slip in a cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” plus a sneaky segue of “Automatic” which were equally good.

It’d great to hear BLBL live as he has a great pair of lungs on him and a brilliant voice.  He’s also very skilled at playing his music live (and the band were great too).

We both had a great time last night singing and dancing the night away – as were all of the audience.

It’s a bit mad for a school night but I enjoyed it nonetheless and wasn’t too fragile this morning.

Here’s a selection of snaps and videos I took last night (I took very few as I was enjoying myself too much).

Well done Rod and thanks for all the likes on Instagram and Twitter!



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