Long week, hot run

Well that was a very long week and a very hot run (I think the clue was in the title).

We had a milestone in one of my projects this week which has meant I have been working flat-out, longer hours and pretty much have been non stop the majority of this week.  I only just managed to catch up today thanks to working from home.

IMG_2655I of course, had a lovely night out on Wednesday when I went to see Bright Light Bright Light.  This was a very welcome break in amongst the chaos.

I had always intended to run today as I knew I was going to be at home but this morning I nearly thwarted my efforts.  As I put my track bottoms on I stepped on the left leg and couldn’t put my foot in causing me to lose balance and fall flat on my face.  I hit the ground quite hard on my knee and have had a bit of a twinge today (plus in my lower back).

Years ago this would have been an excuse to put my feet up but not anymore – I just got on with things and completed my run as intended.

The weather has been schizophrenic today as it was very dark, full of thunder, heavy rain and lightning until around mid day.  It’s gradually brightened up and has been lovely and sunny for the rest of the day.  You can tell we have had the storm though as it was 23 degrees out but it felt much hotter due to the humidity.

I felt this on my run and my breathing seemed a little laboured.

I was worried about my legs and feet given my poor run last weekend but apart from a little numbness (which I equate to not running for 5 days and pushing myself in heat), it hasn’t felt too bad.

IMG_2650I decided to wear my running vest today but was never sure if I was being attack by flies on my shoulders or whether I had sweat running down them!  Nice huh!

Anyway I ran ok and apart from a minor walk break in the middle, I decided to make up for that and run a little farther.

It was not my fastest 5K but it was a 5K and I am happy to have gotten out and managed to get some sun considering how much time I have spent slave to my computer this week!

I hope the weather is nice where you are this week and you have a great weekend running.

Check out all my stats from todays run on Strava.

Thanks to Paul for sending me the cheeky cartoon – I am not sure if this is an observation of me or runners in general 😉


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