A fun country run in the sun

See the houses in the background behind the trees? That’s where we live 😃

 Today’s run was a bit of an adventure bit I did want that as I was getting tired of running the same old route.

We sorted thechores then Richard left for a round of golf so I decided to head out and kill two birds with one stone.  I had to get my rail ticket for work tomorrow so I decided to make the stop at the station part of the run.

This was the first of a couple stops today but that didn’t seem to bother me that much.

Just after a kilometre into the run I stop I was a sweaty mess whilst I purchased my rail card.  I am not sure what the woman at the ticket office thought but given the poor service from the trains recently, I don’t care!

From there I headed out of Colchester along the Avenue of Remembrance which borders the wood and farm across from where we live.

I decided to complete 3K before heading back to the wood that runs alongside the farm on the way home.

I passed the Extreme Stunt Show which is one of those awful American type large car rallies – this takes place at 3 today (and is very popular in Essex) so I will hear the sound of engines revving in the far disctance later.  It’s the only time we do hear such a thing here so we are very lucky (we are not under a flight path either).

Anyway as I entered the start of the trail I decided to take a photo of the ladies grazing in the field and then continue on my way.

I passed a chap walking two terriers and although they got out of my way they did give chase.  I think I may have kicked one of them as it got to close to my heel but I wasn’t in any mood to stop and check.

I finished the run through the wood and was very surprised by how much that had been cut back during this years woodland management.  I guess it is necessary but it always such a surpise to see such beautiful trees felled.

Anyway the run was varied and all of this was more than enough to keep me occupied.

As it’s lovely and sunny there were plenty of dog walkers, people with children and people on bikes to pass and say hello to (it’s all very polite in this part of the world – unlike London!).

I did feel some discomfort in my legs and feet again but not as bad as it has been and nothing like the run I suffered last weekend.

I think I am going to give myself another week with the Brooks to see if things improve.  If not I will then book myself a running analysis and invest in some new shoes (if required, you never know the Brooks may be just what I should be running in).

I am very pleased with the Tom Tom Cardio Runner watch.  Upon pressing the race button at the beginning it almost immediately buzzed to say it had found a signal.  No hanging around waiting for the watch to find GPS with this model (I have noticed if you open the Tom Tom watch app on your phone before your race it gives the watch an almost immediate chance to find a signal and all you have to to is open the app!).

The weather has behaved and although the wind has dropped and it is sunny, it’s not blisteringly hot so I think this was the perfcet day for a run.

As usual, you can find all the stats on Strava.


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