Twang! @&£!?

Following Sunday’s run I noticed that my right calf wasn’t just sore but hurt when I walked up the stairs. 

Through Monday it hurt if I got up too quick, tried to walk at speed or stand for too long. 

I did what everyone else does and turned to the Internet and believe I may have pulled a muscle in my calf. 

I am not sure what caused this but it hurt. I did trip over on Friday morning and my knee had a bit of a twinge at the weekend but I’ve no idea if this is what brought on the problem with my calf. 

I decided to take it easy. Not that I had any choice as running was out of the question. 

I’ve spent the week deligently using my foam roller to ease out the pain, completed extra stretches and tried not to put too much strain on my leg (not a 5k walk in my lunch break Monday!). 

This seems to have paid off as my leg is feeling much better today. 

I did have a sedatary day as I attended a Vanity Fair Digital Event in Shoreditch which meant I was sitting for long periods of time. I did get some cramp in the calf but was sure that’s all it was as the stabbing pain that would shoot down from the top of my calf has gone. 

I am going to see how I feel tomorrow but think I am ok to run again. 

I’ll of course take it easy and at the first sign of trouble (I promise), I’ll stop and head back home. 

I’m simply grateful it seems to have sorted itself and that my routine of stretches and using my foam roller have helped immensely. 


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