Determination, Focus and Drizzle

Well don’t I look pleased with myself!

Yep today’s run had all three!

I left the house and it was overcast and cool.  I wanted to have different route or at least to avoid running loops so tried to start in a different direction and at the start of the run found my rhythm.  This made me determined to run back out to the Avenue of Remembrance and then home, completing 5K.

I did this and throughout the run talked myself into not stopping and pushing further and further.

The last leg go this route is tough as it is fields and mud tracks which are very uneven and quite hilly towards they end.  This did not deter me today and I pushed on until I completed my 5K.

I even added in an extra section at the end to clear the woods before heading under the subway back to the house.

The only slight issue was that the weather closed in on me and when I ruined back on the Avenue of Remembrance I realised it was drizzling heavily.

I don’t mind rain, in fact I like running in the rain as it’s refreshing but drizzle is something else.

I grew up on the coast in Devon and all the rain is drizzle down there, in fact we call it Plymouth rain.  It’s the kind of rain that you don’t really see or feel but it stops you being able to see where your going (when wearing glasses), it makes you sticky and increases the humidity.

Well todays run had that in spades and for the latter part of the run I not only had to be careful of where I was running to avoid dips in the paths, rabbit and cow poo etc but I also had a problem seeing any of this and ended up running with my head down looking over the top of my glasses – not the best idea!

Here’s a demonstration of what I had to put up with today..


Anyway despite all of this I felt better on todays run and I pushed myself on, focussing on reaching my goal without stopping to walk etc.

I believe I tied my laces a little looser today and there was not as much pain in my calf or my foot so I will try to remember that next time I run.

It was a nice run all in all, now I can relax for the rest of Sunday.

Check out the run details on Strava – and why not become a friend of mine not there too?  😉


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