Let’s call it cross-fit…

I tried the interval training on my TomTom Running cardio watch for the first time today and I must say I am very impressed.

Setting the watch to do intervals is a breeze and it’s really easy to follow.  I particularly like that you can have a countdown screen for each section.  This is particularly helpful during with the speed sessions or the breaks as you can prepare yourself.  You don’t really have to read the screen either, at speed you can quickly glance at it and see how long you have left without breaking your stride.

It was a tough session today but I pushed myself and enjoyed the intervals I completed.

Looking at my legs after the run (see below), you can tell how much effort I put into the run.

I also took Moov with me for the first time in a while, to track my effort and was pleased with what was being recorded on the route.

Cool but is that good or bad?
Cool but is that good or bad?

I found the session tough and my calves were very tight but I noticed in these Brooks that when I run at speed I run on my toes and there is a large range of motion – I’ve never really noticed this before. I also noticed a great amount of grip which was encouraging.

I have all the stats from my watch and Moov but I have to say I am struggling again to understand what all the heart rate zones and figures actually mean.

As you can see from these stats below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 14.34.14

I guess from this I worked 22% at my maximum capacity, 46% at a higher than normal capacity, 26% at a steady endurance pace and 7% just moving…  Is this right?  Is this good or bad?

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 14.34.06

This illustrates that my heart rate was at it’s highest during my interval sections (or just after them) – right?

I thought I remembered all this from when I was training for my half marathon but I admit I have forgotten some of it and find it confusing some times.  I simply want to know if I am running correctly and that I am not doing myself any damage…

My legs after the run, before I cut the grass
My legs after the run, before I cut the grass

So anyway following the run I decided the weather was nice so I went into the garden to do my stertchs.

As it was so nice (and I was hot and sweaty and in dirty run kit) I decided it would be the perfect time to tidy up the garden and mow the lawn!  I should have worn my heart rate monitor for that as I finished an hour later.

Gardening (mowing and raking) can be especially hard work so I am using this as an excuse to state that I actually complete some cross-fit today as I undertook a lot of walking, mowing, picking, lifting, carrying and raking to get the garden into one piece.  I think that’s fair don’t you?

After all that I should (and am) be pleased that I have managed an exhilarating interval session and the garden is looking up to scratch too 🙂

What an afternoon!

Seriously though is anyone has any advice about heart rate training and monitoring that would be really helpful.

Check out the run details on Strava

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