Glad I took a drink…

IMG_2848It was a warm humid one today.

Had a bit of running around and a lot of sitting on my arse as I started working at home around 6:45 this morning.

I planned for a leisurely 5K and managed just over 5K with hills 🙂

I also get to round off the run with a beetroot, ginger, orange, melon and banana smoothie 😄  V nice.

Enjoyed today’s run, kept up the momentum and didn’t have any walk segments today which was nice considering the hills and the humidity.

Not sure when I will run again as we have one of our nephews staying this weekend so I will have to see if I have time to squeeze in a run somewhere.

Moov is annoying me slightly – I completed an open workout and yet it records it as a walk!!!  Not good!

All the stats are on Strava as usual.

Happy running!

Of course some of us have more extreme ways of cooling off…


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