The humid slug slalom

Slimy and slippery little bugger
Slimy and slippery little bugger

Only my second run (again 😞) this week but at least I just about managed to get 5K under my belt.

Saturday was gorgeous and hot but today (Sunday) didn’t start so well.  In fact just before I set off on my run it was raining and quite close.  It stopped as I got into my run but that meant the humidity increased.

I planned 5K but 2K in I think I went out too fast as could feel my legs and my feet asking me to slow down.

I stopped for a brief walk and to catch my breath before carrying on again.  Again I went out to fast and once I got to the hill on the route home it was starting to get a bit sore.

I stopped again for another brief walk and to catch my brief before continuing on to complete just over 5K.

Not too impressed as you can see...
Not too impressed as you can see…

I also had the added issue of dodging what seemed like all of the slugs and snails of Colchester this afternoon.  Pathways and pavements were absolutely covered in the slime little buggers.  I guess the wet weather had brought them all out from hiding.

Luckily for them and for me I didn’t stand on any of them so manage to save myself from sliding on them and also ensure there’s more of them for the birds to feast off!

I guess I don’t look too cheesed off in my post run selfie but I think you can see I found it a little tough today.

An ok run but happy have completed it given how busy I have been (and we have guests this weekend).

I think my next run won’t be until Thursday now 😞 but at least I am prepared for another week of only 2 runs.

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