Stopped to pull my tongue back out!

Not a romantic filter - that's the sweat on my phone camera lens :(
Not a romantic filter – that’s the sweat on my phone camera lens 😦

I did!

I was uncomfortable and couldn’t work out why.  Turns out I didn’t tighten my left shoe enough and the tongue was making its way back inside my shoe 😦

It’s been a very hot and busy week so this is my first run of the week.

I was kind of glad I didn’t (and wouldn’t have) have time to run in the 36 degree heat on Wednesday – instead I fried in a train which was about 42 degrees!

Anyway given the heat today and my inactivity since last weekend I took the run today quite well.

I had to stop at the station to pick up my rail card and I also had a brief walk to either sort my tongue (!), wipe the sweat from my eyes or have a drink but apart from that I ran well today.

I especially enjoyed the breeze today (I think a storm is brewing).

Good 5K, nice way to end a busy week and start the weekend. Have a good one!

Check out the stats on Strava.

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