Blistering 6K!

IMG_2929Today was another hot affair – the weather yesterday was around 26 and all of this morning we have had a massive storm which has not cleared the air so much but has made it more humid.

I waited for the rain to slow before I headed out (and had to make sure it was wise enough to run considering what I did to my feet last night…).  I did complete the house work etc with Richard this morning following a lazy morning in bed, after this I decided my feet were ok and I did my run.

…  last night I went into the West End (London) with Richard and friends to celebrate his (and another friends) birthday.  As I mentioned it was hot so I decided to go into town in shorts and a polo but decided I would also wear my new (only worn briefly once), denim trainers…

I decided not to wear socks as I hate seeing men wear socks and shoes but hadn’t considered how new my shoes were or the weather.

Apart from the fact the soles of my feet were blue when I got in last night (the soles are blue leather..), by the time I even got to the station the shoes were ribbing slightly.  I was kicking myself as I did put some small anklet running socks on but took them off and left them at home.

I inspected my feet on the train and the right one looked sore but the left heel already had quite a big blister.  I ended up having to divert to Boots in Liverpool Street to buy and place on some blister plasters.

I was not sure running was a good idea but applied a fresh blister plaster then tried on my trainers and the point of the blister didn’t actually rub against my running shoes so I decided to proceed.

I kept monitoring my heels mentally for pain etc as I ran and managed to get to 3K with little pain or friction.  I then decided I would continue until 5 and push for as long as I thought I could go.  That soon manifested into 6k which I am very pleased with.

The final 1.5k I seemed to find some new energy and sped up to sprint the last section of the run.  That may have had something to do with the blond hunk who ran past me in the tightest pair of shorts 😉

This is very encouraging as I have been conscious that I have to stop increasing the distance as I run the Pride 10K in 6 weeks!

I am not worried though as I managed to pull the Tower of London 10K out of the bag when I was least expecting to be able to – all I have to be conscious of is to keep up the miles and I should be okay.

I think I will join a few of the Colchester Park Runs to get in some race practice before the race.

I am going to rest my feet for a day or two and head out again on Tuesday, hopefully by then the blisters should be starting to heal.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a great one.

Check out all the stats on Strava 🙂

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