Lunch run with a friend

My friend didn’t want to be snapped!
 During today’s run at lunch I was accompanied by a friend and colleague who hasn’t been running for a while.  

It was nice to have a companion on the run but I realised quite soon that I have to really measure my pace and ensure we were running together. 

She’s not run for a bit and is a little shorter than me so our strides were completely different.

We managed to have a good run in the heat and had a few walking sections to allow my friend to catch her breath. 

Thankfully there was a breeze coming off the river Thames to keep us cool which helped. 

We ran from the office, down the Embankment to London Bridge (no that’s not the one that lifts up that’s Tower Bridge), across the river then back down the other side of the office to the Oxo Tower. 

There were parts where we had no choice but to walk due to the volume of tourists. 

I am pleased with the run and believe my friend did a really good job.  

She was tired as we got to Blackfriars but I managed to convince her to carry on a bit longer which was great. 

For once I didn’t worry about my pace, breathing or anything else for that matter.  I was more focussed in making sure we were safe and together. 

I never would have considered running with someone else before where I took the lead.  It seems like only five minutes since my running friends were guiding me. 

A fair distance but an enjoyable run which made a nice change from the norm.  I hope we run together again soon. 

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