Playing coach and full frontal confidence 

 My colleague decided she wanted to join me again for a run so I did some planning for this session.

Following our run on Tuesday I am a little wiser to her abilities so decided to plan for this one.

I had an idea of her ability, motivations and our distance so used a guide from couch to 5k to plan today’s run.

We completed a 3 minute warm up then four sets of 5 minutes running with 2 minutes walking.

I also decided to take a different route so that we didn’t trip over mental hurdles from Tuesday.

We ran to Westminster and back with the set walk sections.

I am really pleased how today went as she did really well and kept up the pace. Only once did she complain about the run section and that was towards the end of the final segment so we seemed to get the pacing right.

I enjoyed today but ducking around some tourists proved I have much more in the tank and am a more proficient runner than I ever give myself credit for.

In fact there was a conversation between me and a guy in the changing rooms at work who asked if I had been out for a run.  He’s point was that I wasn’t out of breath.

I hadn’t thought about it but he was right. I wasn’t.  I was pleased I had run but the pace was good, I kept talking and motivating my colleague through the run but above all I managed 4k without batting an eyelid.

For my colleague it was good going. She ran longer and further than we did on Tuesday so I am sure we can build on this.   I’m quite enjoying this coaching malarkey.

I think we will probably run again before she goes on holiday then I have to ramp up the miles to get my mentally happy with my ability for the Pride 10k in a couple of weeks.

Check out all the stats on Strava.

Now I must admit I am not coy or shy in the changing rooms but have limits and decorum. Today one of my colleagues did not.

When I arrived to change he had stripped off and was talking to me and for the first time ever I was subconscious that he was looking at me whilst I was trying to undress (not ogling or flirting just looking). I actually went around the corner out of view to put my shorts on.

On my return to the changing rooms he was just out of the shower and had no qualms talking to me completely full frontal.

I appreciate the fact he was quite fit but I didn’t need to be subjected to his meat and two veg.  He could have worn a towel or covered his modesty but he didn’t seem to care.

I’m not a prude nor normally embarrassed but today I was uncomfortable.

If only he looked like Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds!

Takes all sorts I guess (and before you ask he’s straight).


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