Oops, bit of a delay… and thank you!

IMG_3305I have just realised that I have not recorded my run from Tuesday which is a surprise as I enjoyed the run so much.

I am not surprised that I forgot however as I ran during my lunch break and had a very long (3.5 hour) meeting which ran late so I was obviously more focussed on that!

Anyway I ran the 5K route from work to Westminster then back to the Millennium Bridge.  I ran it on my own and noted I had an increase in speed which felt quite good.

I was quite head strong on Tuesday and was determined to run the full distance and had set myself up for 4K then increasingly convinced myself 5K was achievable.

Even with all the tourists and the mass of road works along the Embankment I still managed to dodge the crowds etc to get back in a good time.

As you can see from my stats this was a good run…

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 08.26.02This time (the same guy from last week, not the flasher!) there was a comment I was out of breath when I returned to the gym changing rooms and I felt really positive and energised following this run.

I started the day doubting myself and was quite flat.  I’d even convinced myself that I wouldn’t run the Pride 10K but now I am sure I can do it.

My next run will probably be tomorrow (Friday) and then over the weekend.  I am not running today even though I am home as we have our new bad coming today and have already had an evening of dismantling one bed and moving another so I am not going to over do it.

Anyway, great run and the stats speak for themselves 🙂

I have just received notification that my blog has been on WordPress for 7 years!  (It was elsewhere before for much longer but let’s not go there…).

I wanted to say thank you to you all for the continued support, comments, likes, updates and fun that I have received and enjoyed during this time.  Whatever you get from my ramblings I hope htey help, inspire and entertain.

2 thoughts on “Oops, bit of a delay… and thank you!

  1. Ugh! I also run down the Embankment/South Bank either on run-commutes or my lunch break and the tourist dodging drives me insane! My most recent tactic is to find another runner (preferably a relatively tall/big man) and follow their stream. Then you don’t have to do the constant calculation and re-calculation of how to weave in and out of the crowds.

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    1. I used to do that when I run with a friend but recently I’ve been the one causing the slipstream.

      On the South Bank I run behind the main route and always avoid Westminster bridge as its too crowded.

      I’ll keep an eye out for you!


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