5K? Not today :(

Doesn't look it but boy did I find the run to be tough!
Doesn’t look it but boy did I find the run to be tough!

Today’s run was tough and I wasn’t expecting it to be.

I should have guessed it to be so though as I am back to running in Colchester as I worked from home today.

Richard and I have spent the last two days dismantling two double beds, rebuilding one then installing our new king size bed in our bedroom.  As you can imagine living in a two story town house this is a bit of tall order.

My calves really hurt today but I think the worst was the slight nag in my lower left back and my right shoulder.  Seems they took the brunt of all the heavy lifting.

I think I will be foam rolling over the weekend to sort out these aches and pains!

I wanted to get to 5K but decided not to go mad as things were hurting and I knew I could so easily over do it.

Not to worry though I still managed to crack out a 4K regardless of how I am feeling and it was a glorious afternoon so I have nothing to grumble about.

(Mind you I had thought of the blog title at about the 3K mark, maybe this became a negative mantra!).

I am sure I will be fine in time for the Pride 10K in a couple of weeks… just have to remain focussed (and not move anymore heavy furniture!).

Check out the stats on Strava.

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