Brooks cause my first (and second) running blister ever :(

I think I spoiled the view
I think I spoiled the view (at this point I have no idea about the blisters 😞 )

I was determined to run 6K today but my mindset and the pain in my calves were getting the better of me.

I admit I struggled at the end of the 2nd and 3rd k so I stopped for a walk-drink break and picked up the pace on the return of my run.

I had not decided which route to take and ended up mixing in my trail route – just to make things more difficult!

I found myself running through fields of wheat taller than me and I enjoyed the change of ground underfoot.

At 5K I was determined yo carry on and to get to 6K which I did manage to do.  The run was a real mix of tarmac, pavement, hard ground and grass underfoot.

Today was much hotter than I had anticipated and I was sweating like crazy when I got back.

It wasn’t until after I finished my stretches and took my trainers off that I realised that I have two blisters on my heels 😦

One on top of a blister I had ages ago from walking barefoot in new shoes and the other is completely new on my right foot.  I have never had blisters from a run before and am not sure what caused this today – I guess it could have been the heat and the sweat.

I am starting to get quite annoyed with the Brooks I am running in.  It is rare I manage to tie them comfortably and I don’t find out until mid run whether they are too tight or whether the tongue in the left shoe will travel into my shoe aggravating my foot.

It’s too late to change trainers ahead of the Pride 10K in a couple of weeks but I think I will replace them soon after the race as they are more of a hinderance than any other shoe I have ever run in 😦

Looks like I will need to stock pile blister plasters again to get me form a to b 😞  ggggrrr

During the run I was uncertain if I would make it to the 10k target in 2 weeks but I am sure I can get there – just have to retain a positive state of mind when running!

All the stats are available on Strava.


  1. Of course you will get there, just keep moving. Worst case scenario is you run/walk the 10k. I try the positive state of mind however I find being annoyed results in better times 🙂


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