Swerving and skidding all over London town!

I ran during my lunch break and managed 5K today.

Mentally I could have easily have talked myself out of the distance and was planning to head for 4K but as usual I decided closer to 4k to continue.

I wasn't trying to make this arty but had trouble taking my selfie (yes me!) and I wanted to get St Paul's into the background!
I wasn’t trying to make this arty but had trouble taking my selfie (yes me!) and I wanted to get St Paul’s into the background!

I was aiming to run from work to Tower Bridge but forgot the Thames Path has been dug up at London Bridge so decided to head up over London Bride, run across the river, back down to the South Bank and on to Embankment before turning around back to Blackfriars.

It was a fun, humid run today and I know for sure I started far to fast.  I think my speed etc equalled out though as came across many a crowd of tourists which caused me to slow right down or stop.

To the old lady and the teenager – sorry if I shocked you but at least I didn’t run into you!  As for the little boy who ran right in front of me by The Old Clink Prison, boy you were lucky I had new treads on my shoes and was able to skid to brake and stop!  I am thankful I didn’t hit him and very thankful U didn’t go ass over tip and land on my face in the cobbles!

It was a good run and the ducking and diving helps to keep me focussed etc but of course this kind of run won’t get me any PBs.  To be honest though I am simply happy I can get out during my lunch break as it frees up my evenings and motivates me for my afternoon in the office.

Check out the stats at Strava.

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