An interval interval

  Busy day. Working lunch. Much on. 

So I decide to ensure I manage one more run before the Pride 10k on Saturday and do some intervals. 

I got myself into the office early and got out before my lunch meetings which meant that it was quieter (ish) than usual. There weren’t so many tourists to avoid at that time. 

I decided to do some speed work to clear my mind and to do something different before the race. 

I started the pace quickly and soon realised that was a mistake so I slowed down.  I then decided to run fast at every km and half km and to pick a target or run until I needed to slow down. I pushed myself in most cases and listened to my body and held back when I needed to in others. 

As it was an easy run I was aiming for 3k but decided the splits I put in would be fine for 4.  At 4 I did a final fast section than decided to run on until 5.  In fact today I wanted to run further but had to get back and didn’t want to over do it. 

Saturday I need to work on my pacing but believe I can run the whole thing with no problem. 

It was tough. Humid and sweaty today. But I really really enjoyed this run and it put me in a much more energised mood for the rest of my day (and multiple meetings). 

Bring on the 10k!


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