Don’t blame it on…

Ok here goes…

Don’t blame it on the (lack of) sunshine
Don’t blame it on the (earlier rising) moonlight
Don’t blame it on the (hard work not) good times
Blame it on the… me!

Yes I went there and I needed to as I needed a positive spin to the end of this week.

I am not sure why but I lost my running mojo this week.  I could blame all of the above and lots more but at the end of the day I did not feel up to running and gave myself the week off.

I picked myself back up today and had a productive and positive day which ended with a run.

I decided to run with Moov again and to do another running efficiency session which may or may not have been  good idea.

As well as the training I thought I would also go back to running in my Nike Flyknits as I am really unsure about my Brooks anymore.

Despite what I said above I have noticed I have had some pain in my knees and my ankles which I have never had before.

My ankles are a bit achy since running in my Nikes but nothing like I have felt post Brooks.

I need to get my ass to a running store for a new cadence check as I am sure something has changed and I need to update my shoes.

So today again was not about the distance (though I am very pleased I got to 4K) and was about the cadence.  I could not get to the right cadence though and once again found myself floundering around.

IMG_4033I decided to lower the coaching level one point and after a while (my third interval), I seemed to get my act together.  I continued to run a total of 6 intervals and got my cadence where it should be and felt better for doing so.

Afterwards I decided to run on for a bit to cool down and as my headphones were plugged in I decided to call up my running playlist.  Annoyingly though a persistent problem I am having with my iPhone reared it’s ugly head and I ended up not listening to any music.

My iPhone has been a massive pain in the ass since last weekend.  Apps don’t download  Music crashes.  Links don’t work from emails.  Passwords get forgotten.  The phone freezes.  Whatever is the cause is eating my battery too.  It’s so annoying and a restore did not sort it out.  Turns out there are lots of people with the sae problem and there is no word from Apple.

Anyway aside from the technical problems I completed 4K which as I said I was not sure I would do although I have no reason to believe I cannot run that distance – after all it was only a couple weeks ago I ran a 10K race!

So that’s run one done this week – I hope the bank holiday has some decent weather and I can run a second time before the working week next week.

Here’s the stats from Strava 🙂

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