3 years and counting

Who would have thought I would be marking a third year anniversary of running but I am.  29th September is when I first put on a pair of trainers (sports ones for “running” which gave me shin splints – I soon learnt!) and took to the pavements to become a runner.

It’s been a journey of ups and downs.  Fast and slow paces.  Some pain.  Lots of sweat, a dog attack, a mad cow chase and the odd bit of frustration but I still enjoy it and that’s the main thing.

I didn’t complete a massive run today as I wanted to ensure my knee was ok and I did alright today.  I was proud of the speed which I left the house and maintained a decent pace for the 3K loop.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 17.19.27

As you can see I started really quickly but then maintained a better pace after I calmed down!  It must have been all the delivery men and builders that have been around the house today that made me go off like a rocket!

IMG_4403I could go on about the sense of community, the sense of well being, the camaraderie online and offline, my improved physical fitness, my improved mental well being – and all of these things ring true but the simple fact remains… I enjoy running and I wish I had started years ago!

In this three years I have clocked up nearly 2,000 kilometres over 374 runs.  These included half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks (one dressed as Santa) and the odd Park Run.

Running has seen me explore my local area, the City of London and much further afield including Tofino, Vancouver, Cyprus, Spain and Devon.

As noted in the Nike post I shared yesterday, running (or rather exercise), is for any one.  Anyone with enough will and want to do it and enough drive to carry on regardless of what your abilities are.

I find myself after 3 years knowing a lot more about a sport, coaching others, running with others and ultimately learning a lot more about myself.

I cannot believe it’s three years though.  In some cases it seems longer and in others shorter (isn’t that always the way?).

Anyway today’s run is complete and I feel invigorated for completing it.  I am happy with my distance and will started to focus on building back up my strength – before it’s zapped by the dark and cold winter evenings!

The stats are available on Strava as usual.

The roses in the main photo are a set of lemon miniature roses that I planted in the garden to mark the anniversary of Brandy leaving us 😦

Happy running everyone!


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