5 4 3 2 *1*!

Tomorrow is Unbreakable Day – I cannot believe it is here finally.  After 7 years without releasing any new music Janet Jackson is back.

Celebrating my top 5 Janet tracks at number has to be the one and only…

Got ’til It’s Gone

Now why you wanna go and do that?

Signalling a change in style for Janet and the launch of the Velvet Rope album this is one mean tune.  It’s so raw and yet incredibly funky and the video moved away from the usual Janet dance pop affair.

It cost a bit too as Janet, Jimmy and Terry had to pay royalties to Des’ree as the melody was borrowed from her song Feel So High (it cost Janet 25% of the royalties).  Oddly GTIG was never officially released as single in the USA so never got an official chart position.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my countdown and I hope you are ready to Burn It Up tomorrow!

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