Dammn baby. The Great Forever.  

So it’s finally here. 7 years of waiting and Janet Jackson has finally released a new album. 

Unbreakable landed at midnight and I’m listening to my first run through and so far I love it. 

It’s heartfelt. It’s honest. It’s true. It’s very well produced. It’s emotional and uplifting.  It’s everything I and millions of other Janet fans were hoping for and I do not think we are disappointed. 

I honestly cried on my first listen. It’s so moving (sadly this is why I was in the train to work). But I don’t care. 

It’s funny but after hearing this today I wondered about Janet’s contemporaries.  HitandRun was an acoustic treat but I easily forgot it (Prince) and don’t even get me started with Madonna and her need to want to be current. Unbreakable proves there is growth and direction in Janet’s career. Despite the massive slump caused by the Superbowl incident I sincerely hope the world allows Unbrekable to take us all past that (actually not very shocking) moment. 
I hope that this gets the AirPlay it deserves. Reviews and buzz are good so fingers crossed it’ll work out do Miss Jackson. 

Stunning. Well done Dunc!


  1. Just sat through my first listen of the new album.. Is definitely sounding a lot more mature and cohesive than some of her contemporaries (*cough* Madonna *cough*). Is it as an amazing album as say Velvet Rope or Janet? Probably not.. and I’m ok with that as its damn good.

    And yeah I’m giddy as a schoolgirl that’s she’s back and that the album is doing well in the charts (#1 on the iTunes chart I believe).

    Now just waiting till hear when she’s coming to London as I so want to see her live again 😃

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