Foggy 4K

IMG_4468I got out early today as I am on my own today so wanted to make the best of the day.

I was not sure it was a great idea as my chest does not like damp cold conditions and this morning was exactly that as it was wet and foggy out.

I got out there and decided instead of pushing myself too far and upsetting my chest, I would run a couple loops around the park which is what I did.  I then continued on my way to a fairly comfortable 4K.

Not niggles in my knees and all the stretching is paying off as I felt really strong today.

My breathing was a bit heavy but it was measured and I felt I could power through.

Of course I had Janet’s The Great Forever going through why head so I had some new motivation thanks to Miss Jackson.  (I love it when a song gets stuck in your head).

So that’s my run and now I am off out to make the most of this sunny day alone.

Have a great weekend everyone and check out my stats (and why not say hello) on Strava.

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