Acorns and Conkers

IMG_4503Today’s plan was a flat 4K.  The weather last night and this morning was quite wet and horrible but it had cleared during the afternoon.

When I got out on my run I decided I wanted to push myself – if not to a further distance but to do some extra work so I took the route up the steep hill out of Colchester (so much for a flat run).

I enjoyed the run and had a minor section where I gave my legs chance to catch up with what my head thought was a good idea then got on my way.

Running back the plan changed to run just over to compensate for the bit where I slowed (I am so hard on myself sometimes!).  Well this didn’t happen as I pushed on to 4.5K, then as I was heading that way I thought it daft to stop so carried on to 5K!

So not the run I planned but a good one, an energetic one and one that saw me really test my knee etc and I am feeling great.

I did notice it was very warm for autumn – almost close to the weather when I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon a couple years ago.

It is definitely autumn though as the paths are littered with conkers and acorns.  The season of hibernation and renewal is upon us.

I don’t mind so much though as I enjoy warm autumnal days.  Plus the changing foliage on the trees is always so pretty.

I did try out a new pair of smart wool socks today (as you can see they are a rather fetching colour!), they gave some extra padding and my feet felt warmer but not sweaty.  Probably not the best season for them but worth trying out and I am sure I will wear them again.  It does look weird wearing coloured socks though as I always run in white socks!

Check out this hilly 5K on Strava.


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