A fluorescent run!

As you can see this is quite a bright top!
As you can see this is quite a bright top!

Another cool and sunny October day in the UK and another day working from home so I had the perfect opportunity to get straight out for my run as soon as I had finished everything today.

I had no plan, I simply headed out to see how I would get on.

It was a bit chilly and my breathing was a bit tight but not too bad.  I decided to push to 4 then see how I got on.  I did want to complete 5K today but my legs weren’t having it – they seem to still be recovering from Tuesdays hilly 5K!

Anyway I nearly got there and stopped at 4.5K.

I wore my new Saucony running top tonight and although it was chilly it probably was not chilly enough for this top.  I wanted something bright with thumbholes to keep it in place and this fits the bill.

I do however feel I may wreck it quickly as I pulled back my right sleeve a couple times to check the progress on my Tom Tom!

I may have to give up my trusted Nike Flyknits soon as they squeaked today mid run as I got a stone in the treads.  On inspection they are starting to wear (but I have a new pair of Nike LunarGlides to break in so it’s not all bad).

Here’s todays running stats courtesy of Strava.

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