Conversational Run

You can't miss me!
In that top and those shoes you can’t miss me!*

I bought some new Nike Lunarglide 5’s when my parents visited and noticed during my last run that the soles were starting to wear on my Flyknits.  I therefore decided to try the new trainers today to break them in.

I have had a very long week this week, being in the office around 7:30am and getting home around 9pm so running has been put on the back burner. This meant today’s run would not be fast or long so a conversational pace to wake my legs and test the shoes seemed ideal.

(How do you know what a conversational pace is?  Take to yourself out loud mid run and if you can without losing breath you’re doing it right.  Be wary of strangers if you’re running alone though as you get some funny looks!)

I put on my long top as it was chilly today and decided not to look at my watch (I can feel the KM markers when it buzzes so that should be enough).

So I headed off.  I did my normal “big loop” around the block which I know is around 3K – adding a little more at the end to compensate for checking my trainers mid run and kept a reasonable pace.

My last two pairs of shoes have been more neutral so the Lunarglides felt different today as they are helping me with my over pronation.   I can certainly feel it in my legs and hips today.

I decided not to take my iPhone with me today.  I have always run with it, to start with to train and then for security.  Well I just got a replacement for my iPhone 6S (which is about three weeks old) as there were tiny surface scratches on the screen.  I decided as the new phone is literally a couple days old I would not take it with me.  I will run with it in the future but for now as I am running close to home I am not going to bother.

Another hectic week ahead of me but I am determined I will get in at least two runs this week – I have to as the following week we are in New York which means no running again!

Check out the stats on Strava.

*note my cap is only back to front as I had stretched using the yoga pigeon pose and my cap lid would have hit the ground.


  1. good write up – can you recommend the lunar glides ? sounds like identical weeks we had, trying to squeeze one in today… up to xmas there seems to be less time due ro shorter days… don’t you think..? have a great sunday.


    1. Thanks. Yes they get shorter but I do run in the dark.

      I have had lunarglides before. I think I starting on “2”. They are comfy. Have good cushioning and are light. The soles are designed to rock you foot back into the right position so that you do not over pronate. I’d have a look at them if this is similar to your requirements.

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